Sovereign of Stars is out!


Well, hi there, blog!  Sovereign of Stars was released on October 28th (ebook).  So far it's selling well, and debuted in the #1 position on the Top 100 chart for Middle Eastern Historical Fiction and Ancient Egypt History on Amazon.  Not too shabby!  I announced the release to my mailing list and then promptly forgot to update the blog with the information, so this is just more reinforcement that you should join the mailing list if you want information when it's actually relevant and/or fresh.

Want to read Sovereign of Stars?  Here it is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  It should soon be available directly from Apple's iBookstore and Kobo, too, though apparently I need to tweak something or other in the Smashwords file before it'll appear there.  One of these days...

I gave away free copies of Sovereign of Stars to the first ten readers who posted an honest review of The Crook and Flail when that book was released...I'm doing the same with Sovereign!  The first ten people to review it will get a free copy of The Bull of Min when it comes out in late winter (probably February).  Honest reviews are welcome, so even if you thought it was rotten, share your opinion!  Reviews sell books.  Even bad reviews.  ;)

I've been working away at the audiobook production of The Sekhmet Bed with narrator Amanda Miller.  It is really spectacular!  She's doing such a fantastic job bringing these characters and scenes to life.  It's so cool to get to hear my book in somebody else's voice, and I'm really pleased by how well the story is holding up.  We're shooting to have the audiobook done by the end of November, and it will be available on all the usual audiobook platforms (, iTunes, etc.)

In addition to writing The Bull of Min (the FINAL book in the She-King series), I'm furiously outlining Tidewater, which should turn out to be a stand-alone (but probably somewhat lengthy) novel.  If you've already read Sovereign of Stars and checked out the "back matter," as it's called, you already knew that Tidewater will be about Pocahontas and the Jamestown Colony.  Actually, it will be about much more than that: it will also be about the relationship between Powhatan and his brother Opechancanough, about Pocahontas' relationships with her two successive husbands, Kocoum and John Rolfe, and about the many conflicting interests of the Virginia Company.  It's going to be quite a project, but I've been very immersed in the research for several months now, and I've found it to be an engrossing story.  I think it will be fantastic to write, and hopefully enjoyable to read.

As a final bit of research, to make sure I get the feel of the Virginia tidewater region as correct and realistic as I can, Paul and I are hoping to take a trip out to Virginia to hike some nature trails, take pictures, and visit a lot of museums in early 2014.  Much depends on whether he's back in school by that point, though.  If he is, I'll be making the trek by myself!  At least the travel expenses will be a tax write-off.

I'm close to finalizing two other projects: (the web site isn't up yet, so don't bother trying to look at it!), which will be a resource to help readers sort through all the various historical fiction offerings out there, and a podcast called Writers On Reading, in which writer friends and I will chat enthusiastically about good books we've recently read.  I hope readers will find both entertaining and useful!

Aside from book news and related tidbits, I've been busily planning what my Christmas tree will look like this year.  I go all out with my trees, with thematic decorations and zillions of lights and TEXTURE and DESIGN and INSANITY.  Martha Stewart's got nothing on me.  I'm counting down the days until I get to put the tree up.  Expect pictures.  lots and lots of pictures.