Eater of Hearts is coming March 1st... and other stuff.

Time for my quarterly blog post again... ;)

I've received a lot of various contact asking when Eater of Hearts is going to be available, since its original release date was October 31st and it didn't appear then. I have posted in a number of different places about how I had to bump the release date back to March 1st so it wouldn't conflict with a contractual obligation I had with Lake Union, my traditional publisher. (Them's the breaks when you work with publishers! Sometimes these things happen.) 

Please, please, please be sure you join my mailing list if you want to receive updates about new books, as I always announce any news or changes to my game-plan there first. I ONLY send out a newsletter when there's some actual news about my books, including rare cases when I need to delay a release because of... circumstances. :) I am really not the kind of author who believes in aggressive "engagement," so I won't send out a weekly or daily newsletter with a bunch of irrelevant nonsense in it, just to remind you that I exist. Typically I send out one newsletter per month (sometimes not even that frequently!) and it always contains relevant news about the availability of my books. I also occasionally offer special reading opportunities exclusively to subscribers, including advance reading copies and sneak peeks at works in progress.

It may also interest some folks to learn that subscribers will eventually get access to a free, can't-be-read-any-other-way novella about Thutmose III and Meryet from The She-King series. I've been planning to make this exclusive content for a long time, but haven't had the time yet to finish the novella. Sometime this year I'll finish it, though. So there's another fun perk for subscribers!

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Anyway, I'm really excited that so many people are eager to read Eater of Hearts! I've enjoyed working on this book so much and I think it provides a satisfying ending to all those crazy, tangly plot lines in the first two books.

Here's a bit more news for those of you who aren't subscribed to the mailing list yet.

  • Mercer Girls, my third title from Lake Union Publishing, comes out on May 10th. This is a fun, sweet, Victorian-era novel about three women trying to carve out new lives for themselves on the Western frontier. Spoiler alert: nobody dies! Quite a departure from my usual stuff in that regard. ;)
  • White Lotus, one of the books that has been listed on my "In Progress" page FOR-EVER, is finally getting finished up this year and will be out this summer. This is a stand-alone (not part of a series) set in late ancient Egypt, around the time Egypt falls to Persia. It's a bit of a historical thriller and has a heroine I think all my readers will really love to root for.
  • I've got two other novels currently being considered by Lake Union. Like Mercer Girls, they are both set in the 19th century. If my publisher decides not to take either one, I'll self-publish them sometime this year.
  • I'm working on pitching The Book of Coming Forth by Day to Amazon Studios and potentially some other film/tv companies, hoping they'll option the story for possible production as a drama series in the future. Who knows if it'll actually happen, so don't get too excited yet. 
  • New ancient historical series coming out late in 2016!! The Serpent Keepers (three books long) follows the life of Mithradates of Pontus, as well as the women who were closest to his heart, as he starts a rebellion against Rome that soon gets out of hand and turns into... more of a terrorist attack. Like, maybe the worst act of terrorism the world has ever seen. Yikes. Anyway, he was a fascinating figure even though he kind of turned evil, and the more I research him, the more convinced I become that George R. R. Martin based the Martel family on Mithradates' own family. So if you're a fan of the Martels in A Song of Ice and Fire, you'll enjoy The Serpent Keepers. If my life goes according to plan over the coming year, those three books will appear in October, November, and December.

That's all for now! Until I finally decide to update this blog again... :)