"Storm" Update

Have been busy with settling in and writing, but I wanted to take a quick break and inform everyone that the "Storm in the Sky" ebooks are now available at iTunes and Barnes and Noble online.  Click here for access to the links.


The Storm is here!

I am proud to announce that even though I have just concluded a very large move with my husband, Part 2 of The Book of Coming Forth by Day: Storm in the Sky is available!

Thank you all for your patience with this site, my husband has been working tirelessly to ensure all the updates and pertinent links are taken care of.

Follow the link here for access to some of your favorite sites (iTunes and Barnes and Noble are currently unavailable. I will update the links as soon as possible, keep checking in!

Enjoy and until next time...




Oh, uh...I guess I have a new book out.

You guys. I am THE WORST when it comes to this social media stuff. I honestly can't believe my business has not only grown, but survived at all, given how DERP-A-DOO I am about stuff like updating my blog. Ugh.

Anyway. I've had a new book out for eleven whole days, and only just not got around to posting on my blog about it. :'(

House of Rejoicing, Part 1 of The Book of Coming Forth by Day, is available everywhere! You can find links to all your favorite sites here.

The print edition is available on Amazon now, too, but I haven't updated my page yet with that link, and goodness knows when I'll ever get around to it.

But let's all gawk at this pretty cover one more time. Solidarity.

It's scrumptious.

Storm in the Sky, Part 2 of the series, will follow on July 31, and the third and final installment, Eater of Hearts, will appear on October 31. Yes, it's a bit of a delay between Part 2 and Part 3, but I just sold a new novel to Lake Union Publishing and I need to get it all finished up this summer before I finish Eater of Hearts.

I am good about updating my mailing list when I've got news (such as new releases), so if you want to receive updates about forthcoming books, my mailing list is way more reliable than this blog.

But there is good news on the horizon. My business, including this blog, is about to get a lot more organized and efficient, because I've hired an assistant to take care of all the little tasks that pile up and make things like blog posts impossible for me to do in a timely manner. Hooray! He starts halfway through July, and I couldn't be happier about it. The next 18 months of my life are already looking way more productive and manageable. High fives to the whole universe!

That-there new book I just sold to Lake Union is going to be a real fun one. Titled Mercer Girls, it's based on a real-life situation from Seattle's earliest history. What do you do when your city has ten men for every woman? Import some eligible bachelorettes, of course! Part mail-order bride adventure, part wild-west shenanigans, and part serious exploration of the women's suffrage movement in the mid-19th century, Mercer Girls is definitely my most humorous, romptastic, and heartwarming novel yet. It even ends happily (spoiler alert), which already makes it stand out among all the rest of my works, in which everybody dies and/or ends up severely depressed by the end of the story. So that's something to look forward to! Mercer Girls is tentatively slated to come out in June of next year, but that's all subject to change, of course. Don't quote me on that.

Have a fun summer, everybody! I'll see some of you at the Historical Novel Society conference. :D


Celebrating the Libbie way

I have a lot to celebrate today. It's May 19th, the date of Tidewater's re-launch under Lake Union's imprint.

The day Jodi, my editor at LU, contacted me to see if she could talk me into partnering with Lake Union, was a big milestone in my career. (And Jodi was brave to try it, because I've been very frank on the internet about my reluctance to work with traditional publishers.) I was cautious about signing that contract, but once I committed to it, I've been anticipating today eagerly.

Twelve days from this date, it will also be the one-year anniversary of the date when I left the "day job" world permanently and took up writing as my full-time occupation. There have been ups and downs since then, as there are with all start-up businesses, but with today's re-launch of Tidewater, I feel very secure and enthusiastic about the next few years of my writing career.

So how does Libbie Hawker celebrate when she REALLY wants to have a good time?


I love cookies. I'm not supposed to indulge in them often, as all their delicious carbohydrates cause me all kinds of annoying health problems. But I still love cookies with a white-hot passion, and I can't give them up entirely. I trot them out for special occasions, though I usually end up giving them to other people and only eat one or two myself.

Decorating fancy sugar cookies is one of my favorite hobbies. I often make intricate, detailed, and (I think) very pretty cookies as gifts for friends and family, especially during the Holidays.

Last Christmas, I didn't have much money to buy presents for anybody, so I spent a couple of weeks baking and then icing a huge collection of cookies no one would ever forget: The Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies. Everybody got a large gift bag, and inside each bag were a dozen smaller bags, and in each smaller bag was a different, super-fancy cookie--different combinations of dough and icing flavors, each one iced intricately to reflect the lyrics of the famous Christmas song. I was so tired by the end of that bake-a-thon that I didn't take any pictures of those cookies. I know, crazy, right? But they're burned into my memory and everybody else's, so that's okay.

Well, today since I'm celebrating my own successes, these cookies are a gift to me! Okay, I also made some for the Lake Union team, and I will be running them over to their offices soon. It's fitting that we should all celebrate together. Everybody at LU worked very hard, preparing Tidewater for its re-release, and I am grateful for their efforts.

I only wish I'd had a bit more time to make these cookies even fancier! They're a bit low-key for my tastes, but still quite fun. And I'm really too busy this month for baking and icing, as I am putting the finishing touches on House of Rejoicing for its June publication and preparing for the Historical Novel Society conference, which is only a few weeks away!!

Edible Pocahontas chills beside the Lake Union edition's paperback. Yay!

Edible Pocahontas chills beside the Lake Union edition's paperback. Yay!

Obviously I based the cookie design on the cover art, created by Lane Brown (who is also doing the cover art for all three books in the Book of Coming Forth by Day series, coming this summer for all you Egypt fans out there). I'm so glad Lake Union was able to use the original artwork for their edition's cover! I think it's so striking and emotional...and now, in cookie form, it looks very tasty, too.

My second novel from Lake Union, Daughter of Sand and Stone, comes out on December 1 of this year. I don't know what the cover will look like yet, but I'm looking forward to thinking up a good cookie design to match it. :) DOSAS is about Empress Zenobia, maybe the most badass lady who ever flipped the bird in Rome's direction. It's a bit of a departure from most of my books, as it's packed with romance, high-stakes adventure (no fewer than three high-speed camel chases, in fact) and at least one instance of smizing. It never lets up, and it's got one tough lady at the center. It's kind of the Mad Max: Fury Road of historical fiction (though I admit it doesn't have any fire tornadoes in it). Dramatically different from most of my others, but OMGSOFUN! I'm very excited to see what Lake Union does with DOSAS and Tidewater, and hope we'll continue working together on many more books to come...so I can turn them all into cookies.

Well, I'm off to have a cookie with my next cup of tea. May you have a day worth celebrating, and may you do it with cookies!



(Want to check out Tidewater for yourself? Linky-loo.)