Book Currently In the Works...

I thought it would be fun to give readers a little hint of what's coming down the line. The following books are currently in development, but I don't know yet which order they'll be written in, when they'll be completed, or when or how they'll be released. I hope they spark your imagination as much as they do mine! :)

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The Book of Coming Forth By Day

 Update! Parts 1 and 2 of The Book of Coming Forth by Day: House of Rejoicing and Storm in the Sky are available now! Part 3: Eater of Hearts will be released in late October, 2015.

This epic three-part series will be welcomed by fans of The She-King. The Book of Coming Forth By Day is my take on the Amarna soap-opera that is so well known to Egypt nerds everywhere! Yeah, you all knew I was going to do an Amarna book or two eventually, right? No novelist who dabbles in Egypt can resist Amarna! I've been telling my friends that I'm going all-out on this one, channeling George R. R. Martin and pulling no punches. Expect "Game of Thrones in ancient Egypt," and don't get too attached to any characters... ;)  

White Lotus

For fans of my ancient-history fiction! White Lotus is the story of a slave girl who works her way up from the gutter to become a woman of real influence. Soon she is drawn into the worst political tangle Egypt has seen in hundreds of years, and she must decide whether her loyalty lies with her powerful Egyptian patrons or with her ragtag friends from the brothels and servants' quarters.

The Elect

An emotional, introspective, quietly beautiful novel that charts the life of Joseph Smith, his difficult marriage with his wife Emma, and the founding of the Mormon Church. Whether you're into religion or not, you'll be astounded by how thoroughly American history is entangled with the Mormon Church's earliest days, and with the other religions and people who rose to prominence in the Second Great Awakening. The story is a feast for history fans -- it's the best American history you never learned about in school!

Tin Moan

A short, contemporary literary novel about disenchantment with the American Dream, about all the things we want even though we know they'll evade us. And trains. Lots and lots of trains.

Ghost: A Future Memoir

Short, weird, artistic, and mysterious. Also very personal, and true in its own strange way. I expect it to sell diddly-squat, so even though it's one of the most enjoyable things I've ever written, it remains way on the back burner, worked on rarely. Long after I'm dead, it'll make me famous.

Sugar House

When a teenage girl disappears from her Salt Lake City neighborhood, everyone who knew her has different suspicions, and everyone copes with the unsettling loss in different ways. No, it's nothing like Gone Girl. No, it's not a mystery or a thriller. It's a literary novel that explores the ways we handle loss and a lack of closure. If I had to compare it to anything, I'd say it's more like The Virgin Suicides than anything else. This is another long-time backburner project that will get finished when I don't have to think so hard about how I'll pay my bills. Ah, literary fiction. You're so fun to write, and yet so not-profitable.