Learn my secrets for faster, better writing

Yes, it is possible to write a great book quickly--and it is possible to know whether your book is good before you even begin writing the first draft. You don't need a million beta readers and a dozen editors and six different writing workshops to gain confidence in your work. You just need a sound method for organizing your thoughts and focusing your narrative. You need a method that guarantees deep characters, tight pace, and the kind of involved, relevant plot that makes readers turn pages at a frantic pace until they reach the end.

Take Off Your Pants!: Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing shares my special outlining process in clear, to-the-point language. This book will explain not only a very efficient story-planning method, but also how and why it works. It's effective for any piece of creative writing (fiction, memoir, and narrative nonfiction), for any genre and for any age group. Utilizing diverse examples ranging from The Cat in the Hat to Lolita, from To Kill a Mockingbird to Charlotte's Web, you'll see the process in action, in familiar literary works, so you can understand how to apply this ultra-efficient method to your own writing workflow.

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