Upcoming How-To Books

I'm working on more short, instructive books to help other authors succeed. Here are the titles I have planned, in the order I'll be writing and releasing them:

How to Write Historical Fiction That Sells 

I admit it: I blundered into success as an indie author in the historical fiction genre. I had no idea what I was doing, and no idea (at first) why what I was doing was working out so well.

I've spent a lot of time pondering over my early indie career, over indie publishing in general, and the historical fiction market in particular, and I've gained a lot of insight into WHY certain things work for me and other authors, and why other things just don't work at all. In this ebook, I share my thoughts on the current HF market, my observations on what readers (and publishers) are looking for, how to strike the delicate balances required of successful HF authors, and how to do it all without blundering around like I did in my early days.

A Ringing Gong: How to Write By Ear for Memorable Prose 

This short ebook shares tips on developing and employing a sound-focused writing technique. You'll learn why beautiful prose matters, how to avoid "turning purple," and how to adapt basic principles of music to add memorable character to your prose.

The Only Rule: Busting the Myths of Writing 

This one's last on the list because it's mostly a way for me to vent. There's so much awful, terrible, horrible advice to writers floating around on the internet, and I've had it up to my hairline with hearing it all repeated as if it's fact. This ebook takes apart some of the most pernicious and obnoxious writing "advice" you'll find, and replaces it with common sense, practical solutions, and real-world applications from a professional author who actually knows what she's talking about. Down with tired old memes! Up with reality! Long live the only rule!